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Join a group of individuals and businesses with a vision to help people and the planet at scale.




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What is the Raise it up community?

The Raise it up community is a group of individuals or companies who have agreed to help us make life changing fundraisers go viral by using the power of social media together.

They have a well-established and influential voice towards the public, especially the millennial generation, which gives us the ability to utilise their influence and help causes that need immediate help and donations.

No contract, no terms, just support

There’s no contract or required commitments, we simply want individuals or businesses who actively want to:


Share and support our monthly fundraising campaigns by posting to your social media to increase donations and boost awareness.


Be seen as a member of our team by being featured on our website to show that you support causes which need desperate help.


Help us help people and the planet at scale on a monthly basis where we visibly change lives and create amazing stories.

Get Verified

All Raise it up community members will receive an official verified tick on our platform. This will show  donators that we have confirmed an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or brand it represents.

It feels good to give back

Our community members will collaborate to change lives together

Step 1 - When our monthly fundraiser launches we will make our comminuty members aware

Step 2
- All community members will promote the campaign via their social media pages driving awareness to the cause in need

Step 3
- The fundraiser will aim to hit its target so we can change lives together

Step 4
- The impact will be documented on the Raise it up website and social media pages for the world to see!

How it works

When a fundraiser goes live, our community members will share the Raise to their loyal followers.

The social proof coming from a trusted influencer will drive 8x more donations. Leveraging the power of social media for good.

Your impact

Wether you create your own fundraiser or collaborate with others, all money raised for causes you were involved in will be showcased on your profile for the world to see. This will allow you to track your good work but also allow your followers to see the changes you are making.

Raise it up Community

The Raise it up rewards card

All our Raise it up community members will receive a personalised, exclusive ID card which will unlock exclusive rewards and discounts with our brand partners. The companies we partner with are huge supporters of our mission to help people and the planet at scale. The rewards we offer our ambassadors act as a thank you from us and to remind you that we appreciate your kind support.

You are 800% more likely to donate if you see someone else do it first.