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What is the Raise it up community?

The Raise it up community is a group of individuals or companies who have agreed to help us make life-changing fundraisers go viral by using the power of social media. Together, we can create genuine change.

Our community members have well-established and influential voices that resonate with the public, especially the millennial generation. This means we can harness our community’s influence and help causes that need immediate support and donations.

Community rules

To become a member of our community you have to commit to the rules below.


To become a community member you must donate a minimum of £5 to each monthly fundraiser


All community members must share the monthly fundraiser to their social media profiles


We hope each member will try to invite like-minded individuals to help grow this community with us

Community benefits

By joining our community you will get the following benefits


On our platform you will be recognised as a community member which differentiates you from other users


All community members will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people all over the world


Community members will be invited to exclusive events once we host them

Receiving your community tag

All Raise it up community members will receive a 'community member' tag on on our platform.

It's cool to be kind.

Our community members will come together to change lives

Each month, all community members will be notified when we launch a new fundraiser. All members will be invited to join to help us hit our target as quickly as possible .

Track impact on your profile

Each charity fundraiser you support will be added to your profile showcasing the impact you have made.

You are 800% more likely to donate if you see someone else do it first.