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Follow the story of any fundraiser on our platform as progress updates unfold, very much like your own personalised charity news feed

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We make donating to causes that matter to you, both locally and internationally, a seamless experience. You can also donate via Apple and Google Pay.

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Follow the story in real-time

Choose from one of our fundraising options. Setting up takes minutes, and sharing is easy.

Track your impact on your profile 

Whether you donate or not you will see the impact on your profile which you can make visible for the world to see or private for yourself. 

Earn exclusive rewards

We believe in an eco-system of doing good! Donating to specific fundraisers which are in a desperate of help can earn yourself exclusive rewards from your favourite brands.

Join a community of people who care

By joining Raise it up, you will be joining a community of people who want to help people and our planet however they can. An ecosystem of individuals who want to take part in driving impact to situations less fortunate than their own.

A community who believe in using the power of social media for good.

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