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Fundraising for 
your charity

You can fundraise in various ways on our platform as a charity allowing you to engage with potential or existing donators from around the world.

From scheduling a live raise to showcase your daily work, raffling a product gifted to your charity or setting up a virtual auction.

We’ve made raising money with your network easy and engaging whilst allowing you to build out your profile of followers.

Live Raise

Schedule a live raise and stream whilst receiving donations.

Standard Raise

Classic, set a target and receive donations for your cause.

Raffle Raise

Coming soon

Exchange donations for tickets to win a prizedraw.

Event Raise

Coming soon

Recieve donations in exchange for tickets to a special event.

A social media based fundraising platform to create deeper connection to your charity through transparent engaging fundraising

How it works

How you can start raising in four easy steps

Choose how you want to fundraise

Schedule a live raise

Standard raise

Raffle Coming soon

Event Coming soon

Auction Coming soon

Start your campaign

Set your fundraising goal

Tell your story

Add pictures and video

Share with your network




Social media

Manage donations

Accept donations

Thank donors

Withdraw funds


Easily support causes or charities that matter to your business. Your company impact will be tracked and visible on your profile.


Partner with individuals or other businesses to fundraise or drive awareness to a specific cause or charity. Your network could have the ability to save lives and so much more.

Lola Jean

Model & Actor


Lola Jean Lola Jean

Model & Actor


Lola Jean

Model & Actor


Lola Jean

Model & Actor


Lola Jean

Model & Actor


Lola Jean

Model & Actor


Build followers

Raise it up is the first ever social media based fundraising platform which has focused on bringing the “social” back into fundraising.

With donators having the ability to follow your profile, you can build an engaged audience who will receive updates every time you post new activity. From starting a new fundraiser to an on the move progress update about the impact the donations are making, your followers will be there every step of the way.

Withdrawing funds

Soon as you raise funds, you can withdraw from your dashboard with the simple click of a button.

Funds take between 2- 4 working days to land in your account.

*Card processing fees apply

Be the change the world desperately needs

Raise funds in revolutionary ways

Whatever type of fundraiser you are there is an option for everyone


Go live, with live raises.

Live stream to your supporters, show the the difference you’re making, and introduce your cause to the world with Live Raises.

Standard Fundraiser

A few clicks and your campaign is live.

A standard fundraiser is a traditional fundraising campaign which has been seen across various fundraising platforms.

Fundraising Raffle

Pick the prize. Select a charity. Sell tickets.

Raffles are a popular way to raise money as they have the benefit of attracting a wider audience due to an interest in the prize which is on offer.

Fundraising Event

Sell your tickets, we manage the process.

Whether you’re hosting a private dinner, a celebrity meet and greet or a stadium filled boxing match, Raise it up allows anyone to sell tickets for an event through the platform to raise funds for charities and causes in need.

No platform fees.
Free to use, free to raise.

We run soley on tips from our community.
The only charge is on transactions, including credit and debit charges, where needed. Learn more here.

The best way to fundraise

Raise it up protects all donors from fraud.

Donor protection guarantee

Raise it up protects all donors from fraud.

Simple setup

Create and personalise your raise in minutes.


Security is our number one priority. We are the most secure platform on the market.

Mobile & web app

WIth our unique app ecosystem, you can launch and manage your raise on the go.

Social reach

Let’s use the power of social media for good!

24/7 expert advice

Our customer service team works round the clock to keep you covered.

More features than any other platform

We understand our fundraisers and the features which drive them. Here’s just a few

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