Use your influence and social media power for good. 

Whether that’s by fundraising for a cause close to your heart or by collaborating with others on a fundraiser, let the world know you are here to do good.

Get verified 

Once you’ve signed up, let our team know via email at or send a DM to @lets_raiseitup on any of our social channels so that we can verify your account. 

Fundraising options 

With Raise it up, you can choose from various fundraising options which will best engage your audience. Talk directly to your followers by doing a Live Raise, throw a meet and greet event, or set up a virtual auction for some amazing prizes.

We’ve made raising money from your own network easy and engaging, while also enabling you to build up a profile of followers who are interested in seeing how you are helping make a difference to those in need.

Live Raise

Schedule a live raise and stream whilst receiving donations.

Standard Raise

Classic, set a target and receive donations for your cause.

Prize giveaway

Coming soon

Exchange donations for tickets to win a prizedraw.

Event Raise

Coming soon

Recieve donations in exchange for tickets to a special event.

Auction Raise

Coming soon

Do you have an exciting item to sell and want to raise awareness for a cause?


Use your influence for good. You can request to collaborate on any fundraiser, and by doing so you will be seen as actively being involved towards helping the cause in need. Between you and your network, you have the ability to save lives and so much more.

For goodness score 

Everything you do on the Raise it up platform to help causes in need will positively affect your ‘for goodness score’ which is displayed on your public profile. However, you can make these private if you wish. 

Sharing a fundraise - 10 points
Liking a fundraise - 5 points
Collaborating on a fundraise - 20 points
Donating to a fundraise - 50 points
Planting a tree in our forest - 15 points
Following a fundraise - 5 points 

See your impact

Track your profile progress and get full visibility of the impact you’re making for the causes you care about.

100% of the money raised goes directly to the cause.

We run solely on tips from our donators