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Live Raises

We know donators want to SEE they’re making a difference. So, we’ve made Live Raises possible. These are scheduled fundraisers that help causes raise significant funds in a flash by showing the direct impact of donations.

These fundraisers capture powerful moments in real-time, connecting viewers directly with the cause and giving insight into the problems at hand. Imagine Live Aid or Children in Need, revamped for the digital era.

Harnessing the power of people to help raise funds for charities and individuals all over the world.

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How it works

Choose a cause or charity in need

Choose a cause or charity that you believe will connect with your audience. Then, start a Live Raise and help generate the required funds.

Pick your partners to collaborate with to drive your donations

With a Live Raise, you can easily add collaborators. This will allow your Live Raise to have more exposure by leveraging the network of friends, family etc.

Go Live

When you go live a live stream will start allowing you to engage with potential donators from around the world in real time.