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January 2022

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A Dream Come True: Joanne

Joanne tragically lost both legs in 2020. Her dream is to have a home which suits her needs.
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“I walked into A&E. I left two months later, in a wheelchair, with both legs amputated.“

That was in May, 2020. A blood clot had formed in my aorta. Some of it had dislodged, travelled down my legs, and blocked veins and capillaries.

The surgeon explained that this was a case of exceptional bad luck. Over 3 weeks, I had 4 major surgeries, resulting in me being a bi-larteral amputee above the knee.

It was a surreal, traumatic experience. Due to Covid restrictions, I went through the whole thing alone. It was very scary, and lonely. I had some very dark days, contemplating what life was going to be like, going forward. My new reality was in a wheelchair. But I refused to be a victim, and told myself I still had everything to live for.

I got home, and took things one day at a time. It was very emotional, getting used to the 'new me' - the new way I looked, and the things my body was no longer capable of. There was a lot of frustration - not being able to do the most basic things. I couldn’t even get in or out of the house by myself. I no longer felt part of my own family.

I know it's important to have a goal, something to focus on. I don't intend to conquer a mountain. For me, it's simpler than that. Last year was our 25th wedding anniversary. We weren't able to celebrate in the way we'd have liked, due to Covid and my condition. So my mission is to one day dance again with my husband, and celebrate our love.

After a visit from an occupational therapist, we now have to make some major changes to our home. This is so I can live in a more independent way. It's necessary, but upsetting. It requires us to change our family home in a significant, structural way. What's more, it brings costs we can't afford.

Something that's always kept me going is reminding myself there are people who are worse off than me. I am working toward accepting the way I look. I'm determined to walk again, and physio is going well, but I am scared by the prospect of leaving behind our home, where our children grew up. It’s my dream to keep our family home and continue to make memories together, but make it a space I can live in safely, and as independently as I can.

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