The Monthly Raise
January 2022

Raise it up presents

A Dream Come True: Joanne

Joanne tragically lost both legs in 2020. Her dream is to be able to remain in her family home.
30 days - £80,000 target.

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About our campaigns

helping the homeless

Choosing a cause

Each month as a team, we pick a charity or a cause that we all believe we can make an impact on and one we feel that the public will support.

Picking one goal

For the chosen charity or cause, we set one trackable goal with the ultimate aim of changing someone's life and making a significant difference in just 30 days.

Collaborating together

We team up with our community members, campaign sponsors, brand partners, and other powerful individuals to harness their influence. This helps us gain a wider support network to drive more donations. And, with our cross-platform technology, the public can donate on both the Raise it up website and the mobile app.

Gaining sponsors

To build maximum campaign awareness, we partner with businesses and brands across various industries to become sponsors for our specific fundraisers. This means we can reach a wider audience to gain greater traction. Our sponsors will also provide donators with gifts and rewards to show their appreciation and say thank you.

Making a visible impact

Donators can follow the story from start to finish in real-time. We show you the difference made from our campaigns through videos, imagery, live streams, and updates from the charities and causes we’re helping. It’s hugely important to remain fully transparent so that you can truly see the changes we’re making.

Our focus

We base our campaigns on the following key areas.
Our focus

Time-sensitive crises

Our Live Raises will bring immediate focus and attention to global time-sensitive crises where people or our planet require assistance. Our influential ambassadors will broadcast these streams to provide maximum impact.

Our focus

Worldwide issues

Starvation, disease, education, the abuse of animals, and much more – Raise it up will actively work on fundraising for causes that need money. It’s our goal to make a positive difference globally with the power of people, our community, sponsors, and partners.

Our focus

UK-wide issues

From nationwide racism and providing exposure for unknown charities to individuals in desperate need, the Raise it up team will support causes through innovative fundraising and coordinated aid throughout the UK.

Our focus

Grassroots community projects

From knife crime and child abuse to mental health and homelessness, helping at a community level through donations and getting volunteers on board, is the focus of our campaigns.

Target audience

We’re cutting out the middleman through the power of social media. No ambiguity or hoops to jump through; just small acts of kindness to make a big difference in people’s lives.

Social media is becoming increasingly prominent in our everyday lives, with over 4.48 billion people using it worldwide. We’ve seen how things can go viral throughout time if enough people get behind something.

The power of people is greater than ever. More individuals who are listened to, talked about and can influence their followers in ways never seen before.

Our target audiences are millennials and Gen Z individuals who want to strongly influence the world’s future for upcoming generations. Together, by adjusting our online behaviour, we can create a strong and positive movement to help those in need.

We aim to replace the daily self-promotional posts with positive and dedicated work set out by individuals and charities helping the causes they are fighting for. As a result, we will finally enable charities to reach their online potentials by connecting them to their most needed audience.

Our community

One of the aims of our campaigns is to show the public that they can make a difference and if we all work together, the power of people can drive significant change. 

The work we do is broadcasted across all of our social media platforms in a hope that other people see our raises and join the army of people wanting to make a difference. 

The future

The future of the foundation is to have localised teams in major countries around the world. Helping causes and charities in need through our live raises.