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The story begins 

December 2021

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Wall of impact

“Real life stories, showcased to the world”

One of our core beliefs as a business is that charity is not openly documented enough for the world to see.

Our aim is for our platform to be a place of complete positivity and transparency where our work is showcased first hand for you all to see.

Many individuals talk about the large sums of money they donate, but we are always left wondering, where is the change?

This is a fundamental catalyst to what we do and because of this, we want to show the changes and the impact we are all making, however big or small.

Dimitar Nikovski

Dimitar Nikovski

Backend Developer

Luke Sadler

Luke Sadler

iOS Developer

Seb Gug

Seb Gug

Lead API Developer

Liam Defty

Liam Defty

Lead React Developer

Nadia Errington

Nadia Errington

Customer Service

Ashleigh Cameron

Ashleigh Cameron

Marketing Director

Daniel Coutts

Daniel Coutts

Lead & Android Developer

Duncan Bell

Duncan Bell


Our mission

We’re not only here to help our neighbours, our mission at Raise it up is to make a global impact on individuals, groups, animals, the environment and causes that need help. Fundraisers can be created by anyone for any reasons and we take 0% of the money they raise.

On top of this, we still want to do more. We want to set a precedent to show our community that from our founders, to our app developers, to our office assistants, Raise it up has goodness from its core and a mission help the world in any way we can; which is where our Foundation was born. The Raise It Up Foundation is funded from tips left by donators. 

What the 
foundation does

Our aim is to help people, animals and the planet, wherever possible.

Whether we are raising money to save an animals life, bringing awareness to a child in need through a Live Raise, or helping a local business with emergency funds; our foundation aims to help as much as we can.

How we make an impact


Impact a person, impact a family, impact a town, impact a nation, impact the world.

Making an impact is what the Raise it up foundation wants to do with each and every campaign. Showing the world that whatever the cause, we can help change someones life.


A change to a situation, a change which helps someone in need, a change which creates positivity.

Making changes that directly help people and our planet is a key focus of the Raise it up team, day in and day out. We want to show the world that it is possible to make changes with the right people by your side.


Showcasing a situation, showcasing an issue, showcasing good people.

Bringing exposure to situations which allows people to help someone in need is a focus for our team and our foundation.

Our focus

Time sensitive crises

Our live raises will be used to bring immediate focus and attention to global time sensitive crises where people or our planet need help. These streams will be broadcasted with our influential ambassadors to bring maximum impact.

Our focus

World wide issues

Starvation, disease, education, the abuse of animals and much more. Raise it up will actively work on fundraising for causes which need money to make a positive impact at a global scale with the help of our community, ambassadors and partners.

Our focus

U.K. wide issues

From nationwide racism, to providing exposure for unknown charities, to individuals in desperate need, the Raise it up team will focus on supporting causes through innovative fundraising and coordinated help throughout the U.K.

Our focus

Root issues at community level

From knife crime, to child abuse, to mental health, to homelessness, helping at community level through donations, getting volunteers on board and more is one of the main focuses for the RIU foundation, by helping with donations, volunteering and so much more.

Target audience

As social media is becoming more and more a part of our every day lives, with over 4.48 billion people actively using social media in the world, the power of the people is greater than ever before. There’s more individuals who don’t carry the typical ‘celebrity status’ who are listened to, talked about and have the ability to influence their followers in ways never seen before. 

Our target audience is millennial and Gen-Z individuals who want to have a strong influence over the future of the world for future generations. By adjusting our online behaviour, we can create an impactful and positive movement to helping those in need, together.

We aim to replace the daily self-promotional posts with positive and dedicated work set out by individuals and charities who are helping the causes they are fighting for. Our platform will finally push charities to reach their online potentials from the audience they now need to connect with the most.

Our Live Raises

Live Raises are scheduled fundraisers that help causes in desperate need raise large funds in a short amount of time.

These fundraisers capture powerful moments in real-time, immersing viewers in the cause and giving an insight into the problem and situation at hand. 

We schedule one live raise each month and aim to raise as much money as possible.

Our community

One of the aims of our campaigns is to show the public that they can make a difference and if we all work together, the power of people can drive significant change. 

The work we do is broadcasted across all of our social media platforms in a hope that other people see our raises and join the army of people wanting to make a difference. 

James Ashton

Founder & CEO

Aimée Buchler

Co-founder & COO

Andy Kelly

Partner & Designer

Luke Medlock

Partner & Designer

The people making 
it happen

Meet the faces who started our movement. Each individual brings their own uniqueness to the table which drives us closer towards our goals, ambitions and our mission. Each individual has the same values aligned for one purpose and we want as many individuals to join us as possible.

The future

The future of the foundation is to have localised teams in major countries around the world. Helping causes and charities in need through our live raises.