Thursday, January 27, 2022

Helping the Homeless

154 million people in the world are living on the streets, in temporary accommodation, refugee camps and in other dangerous conditions. Raise It Up is here to drive change and help those in desperate need so we began by helping those who are without a home.

Our team took to the streets of London to deliver care packages.

Winter can be a cold and lonely time for many but especially for those who live their life on the streets with no shelter, food and rely on hand-outs from passers by.

James (Founder) and Aimée (Co-Founder) chat to 24 year old living on the streets

We decided to give back.

"People need to understand what it is really like to be in situations that we have not experienced ourselves. Only then will this drive change." James Ashton, Founder and CEO, Raise It Up

We boxed up some necessities; hats, gloves, socks, snacks, water, health products along with a thick warm jacket and began at Charing Cross Station. The stories we heard, the smiles we received and the heartbreaking reality we witnessed was an eye opener and a day each member of our team will never forget.

Raise It Up Winter Care Packages

One man said:

"I've been living on the streets for 54 years. This is my life. I have sepsis now and I have around one month left to live"

Our team chatting to a homeless man who has been living on the streets for 54 years

Hearing their life stories, how they ended up on the streets, what they escaped from and how they are trying to better themselves was extremely emotional and so to help in any small way we can, was and remains hugely important.

Left: James Ashton, Founder and Right: Aimée Buchler, Co-Founder of Raise It Up

Raise It Up is about helping others in whatever way is possible for you. Our innovative new fundraising platform is launching February 2022, where our mission is to inspire the next generation to use the power of social media for good. We hope you'll join us on our journey to change the way the world raises funds and in turn, change lives.

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