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We’ve made auctioning an item easy!

Upload the item up for auction, finalise the details and push it live. It’s really that simple. Get started with 0% platform fees.
Start a Raise

Choose the charity or cause you want to support

Pick a charity close to your heart or define a cause yourself, who you choose to support is completely up to you. The possibilities to make a difference are endless.

How to start an auction

Choose a product to put up for auction, enter the details and select the charity or cause you are raising money for. Set up takes a couple of minutes and then the auction is live! 

Your auction is live!

Once live, the auction will be hosted on your Raise it up profile ready to receive bids. Share your auction to your friends, family and to your social channels to create a buzz and raise as much money as possible for your chosen cause. 

Auction bidding 

Bids can be placed throughout the duration of an auction and can be placed by anyone. All bid information will be shown under the ‘bids’ section with live updates of the latest winning amount.

The winning bid

Once the auction has ended, the winning bidder will be notified and the host will be instructed on how to handle the delivery of the auctioned item.
Have an item you want to auction off for a good cause?

100% of the money raised goes directly to the cause.

We run solely on tips from our donators