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Host a prize giveaway to support a cause

Pick a prize, sell tickets and raise money for any cause, charity or individual. Get started with 0% platform fees.
Start a Raise

Choose the charity or cause you want to support

Pick a charity close to your heart or define a cause yourself, who you choose to support is completely up to you. The possibilities to make a difference are endless.
How it works

Set up your giveaway

Choose the prize, the amount of winners and who are you raising money for. Set up takes minutes and your giveaway is live.
How it works

Sell your tickets

Once your giveaway is set up, share your page via social media or your own chosen networks and watch the tickets sell.
How it works

Share to your friends & followers

Share your raise to your social channels. Gather momentum from your friends and use the power of social media for good
How it works

Receive donations

You can easily manage your fundraiser and receive donations on the move.
How it works

Automatically generate winners

Our computer ai automatically generates the winner of your prize giveaway which can easily be shared on social media for the world to see.

100% of the money raised goes directly to the cause.

We run solely on tips from our donators