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We run solely on tips from our donators. We will always be transparent in how we operate our fundraising platform.

How it works

How our platform works

Raise it up is a fundraising tech platform that allows individuals, businesses and charities to raise money easily and securely. There’s no middleman. Instead, 100% of all funds raised on our platform go directly to the charity or cause in need.*

We are not a charity or a non-profit. We are a business with a purpose. We aim to make fundraising easier, more intuitive, and more transparent for a new generation of collaborators, fundraisers, and donators. Platforms like ours provide a secure place to raise money for the charities and causes that matter to you.

How it works

How we make money

We’re fundamentally a business set up to help people and the planet at scale. But, to achieve our global mission, we need to cover our costs and pay our team members to make the magic happen.

We don’t take a commission from your donations. Instead, 100% of the money raised goes to the charities and causes in need. And, when people donate, they can leave a ‘tip’, which supports our business and helps us to grow.

How we use your tips:

Your tips

Our monthly campaigns

20% of all tips get put into the pot for our next monthly campaign. That’s why you will always see the ‘Raise it up team’ as the first donator. The more tips we make, the bigger the pot for changing lives the following month.
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Your tips

The tech

A lot of work goes into building, maintaining, and developing a platform like this. We employ a team of people to keep the site secure and continually improve your experience. They also work on new features for the future. Your tips pay their salaries, and they are very grateful for every act of support.
Your tips

Marketing and operations

We have a goal to be the most transparent, impactful, and innovative tech platform in the world. To achieve this, we need to constantly expand our team into new regions. This means opening more offices to host these amazing people and investing in a much larger infrastructure to spread our message far and wide. By leaving us a tip, you’re part of our extended family of supporters, helping to bring our vision to life.

Hello and welcome from the Raise it up team!

Let us introduce ourselves; we’re a group of individuals from different cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities who have a deep passion to make a positive impact and help people and the world, at scale. Each member of our team has experienced different walks of life however, by some great coincidence the universe brought us all together via a connection of an aligned passion to help others.

We all bring our own uniqueness to the table which drives us closer towards achieving our goals, ambitions and our overall mission, to make an impact on causes that need help, at scale. Our values are aligned for one purpose and we hope many individuals join us once they see our Raise it up brand and what we stand for.

One of our core beliefs as a business is that charity is not openly documented enough for the world to see, yet the world remains engrossed in showcasing every part of life via social media for their followers to see; from the restaurants we eat at, the cars we buy, to the latest trainers we just just bought, but is all that truly meaningful?

Our aim is for our platform to leverage social media for good and to be a place of complete positivity and transparency, where a community is formed as we collaborate towards achieving one goal, of helping people and the world at scale.

Many individuals talk about the large sums of money they donate, but we are always left wondering, where is the change and where is the impact?

It is a fundamental part of Raise it up to demonstrate complete transparency with donors to see the impact made, however big or small.

Let's make
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